Gamedev Mixers & After Parties Postponed

With the WHO now declaring Coronavirus a pandemic and new rules and restrictions being put into effect by the city of San Francisco, it is with a heavy heart that Level Up Media has decided that for everyone’s safety we will not be going forward with our events next week. However, to be clear this is fully intended to be a postponement, not a cancellation. Level Up and Gamedev Mixer will be holding more events once the situation is under control in San Francisco.


It may not feel like it but GDC was only postponed two weeks ago. We intended to go ahead regardless because of the commitments we had already made but as it is now not possible we have to resolve this issue. Therefore we are offering two possibilities for refunds.

    1. Credits that will be good for any Gamedev Mixers & After Parties for the next two years including GDC events in 2021 and 2022.
    2. Partial refunds. Due to the transaction fee costs of Paypal, Eventbrite and the deposits already paid for venues, we literally don’t have the money to fully refund people without going bankrupt. We are a small team focused on helping indies and small developers network and grow, therefore don’t have huge cash reserves. We can offer refunds of the money Level Up was receiving. We are still working things out with vendors to calculate what that amount will be, but we intend to resolve this in 60 days.

No one could have known how serious this would become and how quickly events would move. We feel awful that this is happening but still believe this is a necessary sacrifice for public health and safety. We apologize for any complications this may cause you, but we simply didn’t know we had to plan for an actual pandemic.

Everyone stay safe.

INFORMATION LINK: California Public Health Experts: Mass Gatherings Should be Postponed or Canceled Statewide to Slow the Spread of COVID-19